The Anxious Borders workshop took place in December 2015 in Mersin. The workshop was open to students and practitioners of art, architecture, and city planning. Participants were challenged to think about visible and invisible borders are enacted in society, with a particular focus on the Akdeniz municipality.

During the first days of the workshop, experts gave lectures on art and urbanism, and the development of Akdeniz and greater Mersin. They were then trained in basic social science and ethnographic research techniques, and were given the opportunity to conduct engaged field research with local informants about pressing issues such as migration, refugees, gendered space, transportation access, ecology, and nuclear energy.

The remainder of the week was spent consulting with the artist mentors, and developing installations that portray issues investigated during the research phase of the workshop.

The workshop culminated in an exhibition of artistic works that grew out of the participants' research and creative speculation.


Ahmet Karabulak
Sanatçının Kent Deneyimi
(The Artist's Urban Experience)


Volkan Gültekin
Akdeniz Belediyesinden
Akdeniz İlçesi Hakkında: Sosyoljik,
Ekonomik ve Demografik Bilgiler

(About the Akdeniz District: Sociological, Economic and Demographic Information)


Duygu Atçeken

Şeref Erol
Assistant professor - Mersin University, Faculty of Fine Arts
Sanatsal Bir İmge Olarak Kent Olgusuna Bakış
(Seeing the City as an Artistic Image)


Dr. Tolga Ünlü
Associate professor - Mersin University, Faculty of Fine Arts
Akdeniz'in Tarihsel-Coğrafi Gelişimi ve Dönüşümü
(The Historical-Geographical Development and
Transformation of Akdeniz)


Mert Akbal
Researcher - Hochschule der Bildenden Künste Saar

Anxious Borders workshop poster:

 Poster for the workshop taking place in Mersin, 16-22 December.

Workshop teaser video:

Anxious Borders is a cultural project. Anxious Borders urban and its relative system questioned with critical analysis and artistic conception methods that is idea of a methodology, consisting of based experimentation, evaluation, mapping application works. Partners & Directors: Carbon Collective from Mersin, Space Digger from Berlin Sponsors: Tandem, Aparment Project, Anadolu Culture, Mitost, European Cultural Foundation, Stiftung Mercator Video: Tayfun Akdemir, Ahmet Özcan Edit: Ahmet Özcan Music: Flugaence - One For Bestown