Carbon Collective

Carbon Collective is an initiative consisting of  nine young artists and designers, with other affiliated artists for some projects. Carbon Collective aims to build relationships with other national and international artists, realize works in the fields of art and design, and create a shared space for collaborative creative work. Carbon Collective meets in a variety of locations in the city, and brings art to spaces outside of the studio. Locally, Carbon Collective maintains partnerships with the Mersin Art Collective and the Mersin Social Responsibility Collective..



SPACEDIGGER is a transdisciplinary Berlin-based group of researchers and designers dedicated to questions regarding the urban sphere. As architects, urban planners, artists and social scientists we love to develop workshop concepts, conduct research on socio-spatial configurations and design playful or practical interventions in the fabric of the city. It was founded in 2013 with Duygu Kaban, Gaia Agostini, and Tristan Biere. After working together on the In/Visible Cities workshop in early 2015, Jeremy Pine has joined spacedigger as well. 



Anxious borders is a Tandem Collaboration. TANDEM - Cultural Managers Exchange Turkey-EU is an initiative of the European Cultural Foundation (Amsterdam), MitOst (Berlin), Anadolu Kültür (Istanbul), and funded by Stiftung Mercator (Essen).

The Anxious Borders team is grateful for the generous support of the following organizations.