On the third day, the workshop officially moved from Mersin University to its on-site location in Akdeniz, one of the first and most iconic building in the old city of Mersin. Known today as the former "Mickey Mouse Kreş," the building itself represents Akdeniz and Mersin's evolution over the years.

Participants engaged in their first independent tasks of the workshop, an artifact collection. Each participant roamed the streets of various parts of Akdeniz in order to find an object that represents a pressing contested or anxious border in the city. They noted information about the objects' physicality and surroundings. Later, they presented these to the rest of the group. At the workshop exhibition, the artifact collection will serve as a grounding piece to help visitors understand some of the usually unrecognized borders in their everyday lives.

While the organizing team took catalogued the artifact collection, participants went out into the field again to interview key local informants in the fields of transportation and global flows, history/culture, trade and economy, gender issues, and energy.