Day two of the workshop opened with a presentation by Spacedigger's Jeremy Pine about social science research methods. The talk showed the importance of choosing a representative sample set, and outlined the pros and cons of gathering data with the use of surveys, semi-structured interviews, oral histories, and participant-observation. The ethics of social research were also discussed, paying special attention to how to work with vulnerable populations.

After learning about how to conduct fieldwork, participants were directed by the Spacedigger team to think critically about the concept of "borders." 

We can think of a border as that which separates and can be crossed with difficulty. The verb "to border" represents both to divide and to press up against. Paradoxically, a border keeps two entities apart but also close together at the same time. Borders can visible or invisible, physical or metaphorical, existing in space and along social lines (socio-economic/gender/ability/race and ethnicity/etc.).

Participants worked in groups to brainstorm new ways to view the concept of borders in the context of Mersin.

At the end of the day, the workshop went onsite to the Akdeniz municipality, where Volkan Gültekin recounted the social, economic, and demographic make up of the district.