The first day of the workshop took place at the Mersin University Faculty of Fine Arts. After a brief introduction by Tayfun Akdemir of Carbon Collective and Duygu Kaban of Spacedigger, the first three experts gave talk about how they view the Anxious Borders theme.

Dr. Tolga Ünlü gave a detailed history of the development and spread of the Akdeniz Municipality, and great Mersin. He discussed the typologies of the built environment during each of the stages of the region's growth.

Ahmet Karabulak shared his experience creating and documenting art in and about the city. He gave examples of urban artistic interventions and outlined the ways that artists have used the city as both an inspiration and a canvas.

Şeref Erol discussed the growth of the city as a place of conflict, anxiety, and artistic expression from early civilisation until today. Touching on philosophy and history, he outlined the perspectives from which the city itself can be seen as an artistic image.