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Showcasing the results of the Anxious Borders workshop in Mersin



Showcasing the results of the Anxious Borders workshop in Mersin

Curatorial Statement

Borders are physical or social lines that separate communities and demarcate areas of inclusion and exclusion. They dictate our access to space and experience, erecting walls between here and there, us and them. The presence of a border inherently holds the potential/temptation of crossing over into another territory or realm of possibility. We can describe a border by its impermeability/porousness, whether it is acknowledged or unquestioned, by raising the questions of where, when and for whom it exists.

To border simultaneously means to draw a limit around something, and to press up against another entity. It designates edges, shows where change is possible. Although they often appear to be absolute, borders only exist in as much as they are challenged and performed/enacted. Borders cause anxiety when they are contested or antagonistic, when the divisions they establish cut us off from one another and from our own potential.

This exhibition showcases the results of a workshop that invited participants to meditate on the ways that bordering is performed and re-inscribed within and around the Mersin-Akdeniz region. Groups of artists engaged in social research to investigate pressing questions for residents of Akdeniz. After working with key informants to gain a deeper understanding of these critical issues, workshop participants created artistic interpretations of how the area's anxious borders can be redrawn, overcome, or be brought into discussion in the public sphere. The pieces in the exhibition enter into dialogue with these topics from optimistic, dystopian, and documentary perspectives. By incorporating cross-disciplinarity into artistic practice, the works on display are the result of their creators' own exploration outside of their own professional boundaries.




Baston Dİksen Ağaç Olurdu /
If you plant a walking stick, it becomes a tree

Simge A. Derdiyok - Lorin Nakkaş - Leyla Turhan


Yok - Oluş /

Nilgün Ayvazoğlu - Cansu Türkaslan - Hacer Gülşen


İsİmsİz (goÇ) /
Untıtled (mıgratıon)

Bahar Kurum - Tamer Aydın - Ramazan Özer - Şafak Işık


O Göksel Tahtını Bırakıp Hakir Bir İnsan Olarak Yemlikte Doğdu. /
He left hıs heavenly throne and was born as a lowly human.

Batuhan Çokan - Gizem Akbaş

Kısıtlı Görüş /
lımıted vısıbılıty

İbrahim Kısaoğlu - Dilara Bekdemir - İsmail Bayram

olma /
don't be

Feray Hergüner - Derya Gözükızıl

kent(sİz) /

Sibel Kaynaş - Ömer Söylemez

Sınıra Sinir | Sİnİre Sınır /
Nerve Boundary

44+XX (Necla Demir - Zeynep Günay - Nesibe Güneş - Nida Karaytuğ Mert - Zeynep Erdoğan - Ferya Kocaçınar Gözükeleş)

nakkaş evİ/
nakkaş house

Anxious Borders Organizing Team

border artıfacts collectıon

Anxious Borders workshop participants

Artifacts are physical objects imbued with cultural meaning. Whether gathered at an archaeological site or in a shopping mall, an artifact functions to synecdochicly stand in for the time, place, and culture where it was found or produced. The objects gathered here were each chosen to be included because of their power to represent or evoke a material or metaphorical border present in Akdeniz. Taken as a whole, the collection maps out both obvious and invisible divisions in society, and invites us to reflect on how we participate in performing borders on a daily basis.

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The exhibition vernissage in Mersin took place at the close of the Anxious Borders workshop, on 22 December at 17:00 at the former "Mickey Mouse Kreş".

The works are open for public viewing 23 - 26 December from 14:00 - 19:00.


Kültür, Atatürk Cd., 33010 Akdeniz/Mersin.